Patchwork Strawberry Shortcake doll


The name patchwork comes from how the rag dolls were originally made years ago using left over materials. Each doll is custom made for years of enjoyment. I have embroidered the faces so there are no pieces to come off and cause a choking hazard. Each doll measures 17” tall. The hair is hand crocheted 4 ply yarn, with gorgeous yarn pig tails. Muslin is used for the bodies for a more vintage appearance. Arms and legs are jointed, so they will move. They are generously stuffed with poly fill. Each doll and outfit combo are a one of a kind. There will be 20 combos in this series, they will be added as each one is completed so please keep watching for new additions.

This is the fifth rag doll and outfit combo in the series. She has cinnamon red hair and green eyes. Her pig tails are decorated with a Strawberry Shortcake grosgrain ribbon. The patchwork outfit is made from Strawberry Shortcake, pink, green and squiggly scrap squares. The outfit has matching bloomers. Pink and white lace was used to finish the sleeves, bloomers and was used to finish the bottom of the dress.

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